Which Defense Will Give You the Best Outcome in Your Criminal Case?

An arrest can turn your life upside down. Your day in court is approaching quickly and the decision whether to hire an attorney or face the Court on your own is weighing on your mind. Stop wondering what to do and give us a call at The Daniel Law Firm, P.C. where we offer FREE and Private Consultations in regards to your pending criminal charge. 

Your Criminal Defense Case Has Already Started

You may not know it, but your criminal case actually began the moment you were arrested. From the moment you are read your rights, the prosecution will be building evidence to use against you—from your home, your bank statements, and with what you say during any communication with law enforcement. Since your freedom is riding on everything your opposition is bringing to court, it is vital that you have someone on your side of the aisle to do the same for you.

At the Daniel Law Firm, we know that acting quickly is key to providing a good criminal defense. We begin investigating your case immediately, examining the details of your arrest and the details of your case to find an approach with the best possible outcome. We get rid of the smoke and mirrors in the trial process, giving you an honest appraisal of your case and keeping you well informed every step of the way.

We routinely construct successful defenses for felony and misdemeanor charges such as:

  • Gun and weapons charges: including, but not limited to, carrying a concealed weapon, brandishing a weapon, shooting into an occupied building, shooting at (or from) a vehicle, possessing an illegally altered gun, possession of firearm in the commission of a felony, or discharging a firearm in a public place.
  • Drug charges: including, but not limited to, drug possession, distribution, and possession with the intent to distribute.
  • Violent crimes: including, but not limited to, assault and battery, unlawful & malicious wounding, robbery, abductions, kidnapping, carjacking, and homicide.
  • Theft: including, but not limited to, burglary, holding and receiving stolen goods, petit larceny, and grand larceny.
  • Property violations: including, but not limited to, trespassing, destruction of property, unauthorized use, vandalism, and arson.
  • Juvenile offenses: including, but not limited to, drug possession, theft, possession of alcohol underage, underage DUI, trespassing, possession of a weapon, destruction of property, assault, and curfew violation, probation violations and school related charges. 
  • White collar crimes: including, but not limited to, embezzlement, fraud, trust disputes, bribery, credit card theft, identity theft, money laundering, and forgery.
  • Federal offenses: including, but not limited to, racketeering, mail and wire fraud, bank and security fraud, counterfeiting, corruption, possession with intent to distribute or manufacture controlled substances, and others too numerous to list here.

Your Attorney Should Do More Than Speak for You in Court

A good criminal defense attorney does not just offer a plea and evidence on your behalf. He should listen to your concerns, answer all of your questions clearly, track down evidence and witnesses that could benefit your defense, and make sure your rights are being respected in court. Even if you plan to plead guilty, an attorney can still be invaluable in getting the charges against you reduced and negotiating for minimal sentencing.

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We offer FREE and Private Consultations.