No Matter What the Charge, a Traffic Defense Attorney Is Vital to Your Case

If you could go back to the night you were arrested, you would do everything differently. You would have never gotten behind the wheel, never become aggressive with the officer, never left the scene of the accident—never made the one mistake that is keeping you awake at night. You know there’s nothing you can do to erase the past, and as your court date approaches, the thought of criminal charges, jail time, license suspension, and the creation of your criminal record makes your future look even more bleak.

Only an Attorney Knows What You Are Up Against

Many people do not realize that not every arrest leads to a jail sentence, and that there may be a favorable option to resolve their case. At the Daniel Law Firm, we examine every details of your traffic offense to discover the best possible defense to use in court. We have successfully counseled clients in a number of traffic violation cases, including:

  • DUI. There are many procedures that must be followed to the letter in order to convict a driver with DUI. From the reason for the stop to the admission of a Certificate of Analysis, we can tell you if any part of your arrest violated your rights, and, if so, how that may help the outcome of your case. 
  • Reckless driving. Many drivers are cited for following “too closely” or driving “too fast” for conditions. While these are certainly dangerous behaviors, opinions differ on what constitutes too fast or too close - each case must be analyzed on a fact by fact basis. We can help you fight against the subjective language in your charges by gathering evidence and making compelling arguments on your behalf. 
  • Speeding. The penalties for speeding can vary greatly depending on the specifics of your case. You may unfairly lose your license, suffer points on your driver’s license, or pay outrageous sums in fines. We can help convince the judge to be lenient and reduce the punishments for your offense.
  • Hit and run. While people are legally obligated to stop after a car accident, many drivers are not thinking clearly after a crash. Drivers may flee the scene out of fear that they have caused serious property damage, or may not have realized that an accident has occurred. A hit-and-run can lead to criminal charges for Virginia drivers, and these cases will need careful examination to create a compelling defense.
  • Accidents. Many people have been relieved to be unharmed after a car accident only to find that they are being accused of causing the crash. Depending on the circumstances of your accident, you could be forced to defend yourself in court against a personal injury claim or even criminal charges for your involvement in the accident. We can help you clear your name, use evidence to determine who is really at fault, and get the charges against you reduced or dismissed.
  • Reasonable Suspicion for the Stop.  An officer is required to have a reasonable suspicion of illegal activity before they can pull you over. In many cases, a driver may be detained, even arrested, despite the fact that the officer was unable to say why the driver was suspected of wrong doing. If the officer is unable to say why you were pulled over, any evidence collected during your traffic stop may be suppressed in court.

The Evidence in Your Case May Be Inadmissible in Court

It is important to understand the finer details of your case. We will examine the reasons you were stopped; inspect the evidence uncovered; interview the witnesses; and review all of the documentation of your case to make sure procedures were followed and your rights were not violated. With our help, you may receive an amended charge, reduction in penalties or even have the charges dismissed.  

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